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Prestige Labs is a premium line of nutritional supplements that deliver transformative physical and performance results to both the most experienced fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike! Prestige was developed by Ph.D. biochemists and experts in health and nutrition, Prestige Labs products were designed to meet the high standards of fitness professionals, trainers, and coaches, as well as the needs and goals of their clients!

Premium Quality

Our goal is to develop the best products possible. We have uncompromising standards and commit to providing you only with the best. We use only premier ingredients and produce with only industry-leading manufacturers. All products undergo rigorous testing for purity and quality to guarantee optimal performance.


We develop all products in line with the latest nutrition and fitness research. We use only science-backed ingredients in efficacious doses. We avoid all non-beneficial ingredients, filler ingredients, and excessive levels of caffeine. You can trust all Prestige Labs supplements to help you perform and feel your best.

Health for All

Prestige Labs supplements deliver consistent benefits and transformative results to all fitness levels. Physical health is not only about appearance and performance. What might be a goal for one person, may be of no interest to another. To support all goals, we focus on quality above all else and develop all products according to science.

Real Results

Prestige Labs supplements help people achieve optimal results and peak performance. We designed the line to maximize the output from the effort you put into your diet and fitness regimen. We make big claims but never promise quick fixes. We provide third-party substantiation, so you have the data to make an informed decision.

Other Supplements we Sell:

Come check out all of the other high quality supplements we have to offer to better help you hit your fitness goals!

1st Phorm
Muscle Egg


Pre-Built Workouts
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Workouts stale? Not hitting your goals? Want to venture out, but don't know where to Start?

Raise The Bar offers pre-built workouts on our app that are designed to get you comfortable with our equipment, while hitting your specific goals! 

Click the button below to get started with a routine with our workout programs!

Raise the Bar 


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-Tank Tops




-Shaker cups

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