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Join us for CLASS!


FREE CLASS through the month of MAY 2024!

Call the gym to sign up: 217-608-2257

 OR sign up in the binder at the front desk!

Yin Yoga

With Kimberly Putnum

Flexibility +.webp

Yin Yoga is an hour long class that consists of series of long-held, passive floor poses in which we will target the deep fascia networks of the body. This class is for all fitness levels and age groups! This is a very relaxing type of workout, so this class will help decrease your stress & improve your mental health! If you are looking to improve your flexibility & mobility, this class is for you!

What are the benefits?

-Improves Flexibility

-Releases Fascia

-Encourages deeper relaxation

-Improves Joint Mobility

Monday: 9-10:00 AM

Thursday: 11-Noon

Sign up at the gym or Call 217-608-2257!

$10.00/ Class.

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