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About Us


Raise the Bar was conceived from my passion for fitness and well-being. I started on my own personal journey while trying to support others. In 2012 I joined our local gym, but it wasn’t until March of 2013 that I found my passion when I started lifting. Lifting is where I saw myself change not only physically but in many other ways; the way I thought, how I felt about myself, and how I desired to help others. I wanted others to feel the way I felt. For me it is not only the way lifting has sculpted my physique, but the energy I have, the improved self-confidence, the passion and drive to strive for a healthier me physically, mentally, and spiritually. We all should strive to do and be our very best. After all, this is the only body and mind we get, so we should treat it like the temple it is.

As I learned and applied what I learned, my love for lifting soon developed into a passion I knew I wanted to share to help others. Although Hillsboro had another fine fitness establishment, I came to realize the need for a 24/7 gym that provides a balanced approach to the total being. A seed was planted for a 24hr gym; and with much prayer and planning, my husband and I opened Raise the Bar on June 1, 2016. Our first two years we rented a building on School Street, which is now the CTI building. I could see Raise the Bar was going to be successful because memberships continued to grow. We knew we would need to expand. We began to pray and look for a bigger building we could call our own. On Raise the Bar’s 2nd anniversary (June 1, 2018) we were nestled into our current location at 1449 Vandalia Rd.

It has been such an amazing journey thus far. I am very blessed to have a family owned business, which allows me to work with my husband and two wonderful sons in a wholesome environment. I am also humbled and blessed by all the amazing people who come through these doors. I love to watch them grow as they live out their fitness journeys. All the weight lost, the transformations, the growths, the newfound friendships are what keeps my passion alive. Raise the Bar allows me to help others to set and achieve their goals, while pursuing my mission to provide a setting for people to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.



Not sure what to do when you get to the gym or want a solid routine and good form. You came to the right place. At this time we have two certified personal trainers that offer a variety of different time slots to fit our clients needs. 

            GROUP TRAINING


It is always more fun to train with friends. It also helps keep you motivated or your friends motivated. All of our certified personal trainers offer a discount for group training. We also offer group classes which include Hot Buns, Core & Cardio, Hakuna Tabata, Mom & Me, Hot Yoga, After Burn, and Bootcamp.



More information coming on corporate training.

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